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Rudraksha for Good and Perfect Health

Rudrakshas are considered to be sacred and have many spiritual and medicinal values both as preventive and curative. Rudraksha is the king of Herbal medicine working effectively and positively on mental faculty and also correcting the physical conditions, both as preventive and as curative by using internally and externally aiming for Perfect Health of body, mind & spirit...

Rudraksha Therapy has been found useful broadly in the treatment of High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol content in the blood, thus keeps the Heart ailments away various allergies neurological diseases, early stage of Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, many other circulatory and mental ailments.

Rudraksha mixed with various Ayurvedic herbs given internally, not only improves its effectiveness but also cuts short the treatment period, leading to speedy and early recovery. The treatment is given depending upon the patient's conditions and seriousness of the disease.

The Japa that is performed with Rudraksha Mala keeping the beads little pressed and pushed, a type of acupressure is being done on the Acupressure points in the Thumb and Middle finger. This improves the blood circulation at eyes, mental nerves. The latest research result is on wearing Rudraksha, necklace or Rudraksha Mala in helping to radiate out the accumulated static electricity growing due to internal bioelectrical current flow and radiating out the accumulated charge in outer space thereby allowing the free circulation and the uniform distribution to all the parts of human body. Rudraksha can be worn by people of all casts, communities, Ladies can also wear them. It is found that for the purpose of medicinal use and worshiping the bigger the Rudraksha is the best one. Smaller or medium size Rudrakshas are most effective for wearing and Japa.

According-to Ayurveda Shastra Rudraksha contains more natural Vitamin C (Amla) which increases the body power against any disease. Rudraksha is hot in nature, hence it helps in proper blood circulation, equal distribution of energy to all the parts of human body and melts out the excess quantity of cholesterol in the blood and thus keeps the heart ailments away.

It is Vataghna, hence Rudraksha play a Vital role in treating chest pain and in early stage of Rheumatic pains, and will not allow any further complications to grow in Rheumatic cases and also works for mental alertness and makes man feel mentally and spiritually hale and healthy.

Rudrakssha is also Kaphanashak, obesity, unwanted over swelling etc.

It is also having characteristics of Shirothi Shamanam, Which means having curative qualities of head diseases which includes mainly mental diseases, eyes, nose ears throat ailments.

It is Ruchyam, which means, it is used, to cure stomach ailments especially, indigestion, gases, tastelessness of tongue etc.

Bhutagrah Vinashanam hence cures the various mental diseases, bad effects of evil spirits and planetary afflictions. Thus Rudraksha has a great role on Central Nervous system's Regularization and Normalization of physical and mental health.