Rudraksha World
Rudraksha World

About Rudraksha World

Rudraksha World strongly believes in distributing authentic, and the highest quality Rudraksha beads and other rare, natural products at its genuine price and is also working for removing doubts and other misconceptions related to it and making the people aware of its spiritual and divine qualities as well as conducting scientific experiments for healing and its spiritual effects.

Our aim:

We are dedicated to promote Rudraksha for its beneficial effects and spiritual qualities and to remove misconceptions and doubts regarding its mysteries as well as supply genuine and high quality Rudraksha beads at affordable prices.

Rudraksha World has been organising exhibitions and workshops on Rudraksha to popularize this divine Bead among the population all over the world and spread the message of its virtues.

We provide original and natural Rudraksha Beads as we personally collect them from Nepal and Indonesia, so that its authenticity and the quality is maintained.

We provide malas from Nepal, India and Indonesia, and other related holy items for Puja and Healing.