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17 Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha is a bead which is very popular in itself. The seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha have seventeen lines originating from top to bottom. Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Vishwakarma, the god who is expert in crafting and creativity. In Hindu mythology it is believed Lord Vishwakarma has built the whole world.

As per Katyayanni yantra, Seventeen Face Rudraksha represents Mata Katayani. Mata Katayani is one of the eight forms or incarnation of Goddess Durga. Puja of Maa Katayani gives Dharma, Arth, Kaam and Moksha.

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha gives strength to the wearer.

Other Details

  • Symbol of : Lord Vishwakarma and Goddess Katyayani
  • Ruling Planet :
  • Ruling God : Lord Vishwakarma and Goddess Katyayani
  • Day of wearing : Monday
  • Recommended for: Effective in various Sex Disorders like Night Fall and Ejaculation and make the wearer strong to fight against Lethargic and Lazy attitude towards life, Memory Lapse, Body Functional Disorders.
  • Influence on body organ: Small Intestine, Lungs, Bronchial tree.
  • Properties: This Rudraksha removes all sins done in the life time and provide liberation in the end. Wearer also gets spiritual powers.
  • People's experience: Wearing Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha provide wealth in the form of sudden rise in the share prices, in value of property, unexpected inheritance or through games of chances.


"Mahamrityunjai Mantra" (Brahajjalopanishad)
"OM. Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat"
"Om Namah Shivaya"

Way of Wearing

The Seventeen Faced Rudraksha should be worn on a Monday after capping it in either gold or silver and stringing a red thread and by chanting the mantra with pious mind.


The wearer of Seventeen Faced Rudraksha get sudden wealth, success, improved memory, awakened kundalini and increased wealth.

This Rudraksha is especially useful for attaining physical assets like property and vehicles.

Women wearing it get everything which she desires like wealth, good marital life, children, happiness, and prolonged life of her husband.

Who should wear?

It should be worn by all those ladies who desire to get married soon, having good marital life, children, happiness, and prolonged life of their husband. Also worn by all those who desires for wealth and want to become rich within a short span of time.