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Chandra Dosha

The Moon in Vedic astrology is called Chandra. Chandra means "bright and shining" in Sanskrit. The Moon is also called Soma, named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice. Where all westerners know their Sun-sign, you will find all Hindus know their Moon sign, for the Moon, and its birth sign are all important in Hindu culture and astrology.

Mercury, the son of Moon, is the further process that is called the intellect, which places a value on what the mind has received. The Moon as the mind is indicative of all the senses and their ability to perceive life in all its splendours. Mercury represents a further distillation and conceptualisations of that process and its ultimate intellectualizations in forming judgment. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle minded and very lustful." The Moon is most comfortable and powerful in the 4th House; she also likes the angles. The Moon is particularly beneficial for the water sign Ascendants of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Her nature is kapha, or watery. Her gem is the Moonstone and Natural Pearls. Her metal is silver and her direction is Northwest. The Moon's day is Monday. The Moon comes into her full maturity at age 24.

Afflictions to the Moon show personality disorders, difficulties in relating to other people and emotional disturbances. A strong Moon, on the other hand, shows sensitivity, receptivity, caring for others and a nurturing attitude in life. It gives emotional maturity, responsibility and the capacity to have a beneficial effect upon society. Rahu can cause us to lose thinking power over our mind. A benefice Moon is often found in the charts of doctors, healers or psychologists, as well as good mothers and wives. A strong Moon can give power like the Sun. A strong Moon can outshine the other planets, sometimes even the Sun. Whereas the Sun creates the king or strong willed leader, the Moon creates a good administrator or a leader open to the needs of his people. The Moon indicates relationship, interchange, and communication.

To please Moon : Donations of Rice, grains, Camphor, White-cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower, sugar, bullock, curd and pearls should be made to please him.

Chandra Mantras :
Worship of Moon god can be done by the following mantra taken from the Puran. DADHI SHANKHA TUSHARABHAM KSHIRODARNAVA SAMBHAVAM ||

Cryptic Mantra :>


Any of the above given three mantras can be chanted repeatedly for fixed numbers with faith and devotion.

Chanting of this mantra should be done for 11,000 times during evening time.