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Aries "The Ram"

Aries Aries "The Ram"

Aries Traits

Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Dark side...

Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil


  • Action
  • Coming in first
  • Challenges
  • Championing Causes
  • Spontaneity


  • Waiting Around
  • Admitting Failure
  • No opposition
  • Tyranny
  • Other peoples advice

Your ruling planet is MARS


The colour of choice for Aries is RED

Problems that may arise

  • Projects that come to nothing
  • Partnerships full of conflict and argument.
  • Lacking real coherence and direction. Failing to contemplate, only pretending to be decisive.
  • Being deserted by others because they cannot make you notice them and their feelings in any other way.
  • Always tripping over you, inviting conflict and harsh treatment. Getting deflated.

Your Rudraksha is Three Mukhi